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You shouldn't have to wonder where your next customers will come from. Get the training and community you need to build a marketing plan that gets you to your next revenue goal.

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The Community

The smartest minds in marketing.

Want to become a better marketer? Simple, hang around smart marketers. They say that you're the average of the 5 closest people around you — so get close to the smartest minds in marketing and you're guaranteed to level up. Learn through osmosis. Get feedback on what you're working on. Brainstorm challenges and get your questions answered. It's your support group. We're here for you.

Not on Slack or Facebook ❌

Look, to each their own. But personally, I think Slack and Facebook groups are absolutely terrible mediums for communities. Slack is too noisy and the threading makes it near impossible to have a conversation. Facebook groups are impersonal, and well... it's Facebook. The Circle platform is a truly revolutionary community experience that facilitates asynchronous interaction (so you never miss out) and has just enough organization to help you stay on top of things (so you don't have to filter through all the noise).

Get your questions answered by the experts.

AMAs provide an exclusive place to ask specific, detailed questions. Get access to experts who can give you insight into industries, share their experiences, and help with anything you're struggling with. Plus, you can go back in the archive and read through past AMAs to learn from previous questions and answers.

The Courses

Mental Models For Marketing

Learn the timeliness principles, frameworks, and psychology of marketing.

Real marketers don't chase fads. They use mental models — timeless intellectual tools that transcend every hack, trick, and tactic out there. They're conceptual shortcuts that allow us to get straight to the root of the system and make a decision. Without them, you may continue to spin your wheels and feel like everything is a grind. With them, things won't be easy, but they'll be more fun, creative, and vastly more effective.
Refactoring Growth

Learn how profitable software companies systematically acquire and retain customers the hack-free, spam-free way.

Distribution is everything. First time founders focus on product. Second time founders focus on distribution. The days of "build it and they will come" are long gone. The good news is that growth can be reverse-engineered. After working with hundreds of SaaS companies and using first principles thinking to get to the bottom of what really makes them grow, I came to the conclusion that growth is an interdependent system of five factors.
Earning Trust At Scale

Turn strangers into superfans through collaboration, leverage, and generosity.

A new course coming soon.
Copywriting Camp

You don't learn to ride a bike by reading a book.

You learn through practice. Come practice copywriting. A new course coming soon.

The Brain

Master Swipe File

1,500 examples to draw from right at your finger-tips.

Stop starting from scratch. Each example is manually curated to only include the best to draw from. Great artists steal, and a swipe file is the ultimate kickstarter to your next great blog, headline, ad, or landing page. Search, filter, and browse to find exactly what you need to be prolific. No more guesswork. No more reinventing the wheel.

The Teardowns


Detailed analyses of marketing examples.

Instead of leaving you to do all the deduction yourself, I break down what makes each example great. By reverse-engineering what makes something great, you learn through first principles. This way, you know exactly what to takeaway. Learning through example makes marketing far easier to digest, learn, and master.

Find proven examples to help you with your next project.

Next time you're building a new landing page, launching a new ad, or designing a new email, start with inspiring examples first. You'll create better work, faster. Emulating top-notch examples is a proven way to consistently produce work you can be proud of.

Step-by-step breakdowns of what makes each example great.

Using psychological principles, proven best practices, and data points straight from the source, each teardown analyzes every single aspect of an example. You won't find this level of detail anywhere else.

The Newsletter


Cutting edge, comprehensive, and sometimes crazy marketing ideas.

Most marketing content and newsletters are written by people who aren’t marketers, aren’t speaking from experience, or aren’t experts in their field. And frankly, I’m tired of it. That’s why I’m creating the content that I’d want to read. The newsletter covers a wide variety of industries and examples because it's a core belief of mine that the best ideas come from unexpected places. This newsletter is designed to help you think outside the box, get out of the echo chamber, and challenge the status quo.

You won't find any topics optimized for search engines here.

For most marketing content, the blog and newsletter is nothing more than a marketing ploy. For Swipe Files, the blog and newsletter is the product. That's why most of what I write about is not optimized for search engines — I don't need it to. This also allows me to go far beyond what most people would write about it. Here, you'll find untold stories, new frameworks for thinking, and bleeding edge tactics.
Web Version

Your inbox isn't always the best way to consume content.

That's why I also publish a web version of each newsletter so you can read it in your browser or bookmark to reference later. You'll also be able to search by keyword, filter by category, and save your favorites.

Let's make this a dialogue instead of a monologue.

Didn't like the latest piece? That's totally cool — I'd love to know. Thought it was the most amazing piece you've ever read? Also totally cool — I definitely want to know about that! With some fancy tooling, you can leave feedback directly from your inbox so I can work to make every piece of content better.

Hey 👋 I'm Corey, the founder of Swipe Files.

Code is the easy part. Marketing is the hard part.

As Twitch founder Justin Kan once said:

"First-time founders focus on product. Second-time founders focus on distribution."

Let's face it: The days of "build it and they will come" are long gone. But of course, you know that, otherwise you wouldn't be here. 😉

Here's the thing... 

SaaS is more competitive than ever before:

• Customers are overwhelmed with offers
• Ads are more expensive
• Keywords are more difficult to rank for
• Social followings are harder to build

Growing a SaaS business is the hardest it's ever been. And that's why I'm here to help.

After being the Head of Growth at Baremetrics and getting to see the innards of thousands of SaaS companies, personally talking with 10-20 founders and operators per week about how to grow, and consulting with over a dozen startups on marketing and growth, I've pretty much seen it all.

SaaS marketing is my bread and butter. Which is why...

I created Swipe Files to take everything I've learned about SaaS growth and package it up into a program that can help you create a proven, predictable marketing engine.

You won't find more comprehensive content with cutting edge strategies and tactics anywhere else. And it works. I've used it myself for consulting clients, I've coached others to implement it and get results, and I've seen many use it to hit the ground running to kickstart (or restart) growth.

Whether you're going from $0–1k, $1–100k, or $100k–1m+ MRR, I know Swipe Files can help you get to your next milestone.

If that strikes a chord with you, consider making an investment to become a member. 🙏
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The Swipe Files Community is home to a few hundred of the brightest minds in marketing.

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