Who's behind this?

Hey. I'm Corey.

My goal is simple.

  I'm on a mission to help marketers do their best work.

Marketer & Maker

I make for marketers.

The current Head of Growth at Baremetrics and previously the first marketing hire at Cordial.

I'm a Seth Godin fanboy, podcast binger, and lover of all things marketing, software, and entrepreneurship.

I also created Hey Marketers, a job board just for marketers, as well as Mental Models For Marketing, a course about timeless marketing principles and psychology, and Refactoring Growth, turning SaaS makers into growth marketers.

Built on four core principles


Marketing = continuous improvement.

Embrace trial & error.


Everything is a learning opportunity.

Good or bad.  


Inspiration comes from unexpected places.

Other industries, etc.
Sit back and enjoy! 🎉


Zig when others zag.

Dare to be different.
Sit back and enjoy! 🎉
Brief History

I'm just getting started.

Joined Nocode Rumble
February 2020
A tweet from Sarkis Buniatyan, aka "Sako", sparked the Nocode Rumble where I joined 7 other makers in a 5 week challenge to create a new business using no-code tools.
Launch to the world
April 2020
Thanks to the design chops of Sako and a commitment to ship weekly, we managed to get a fully featured version of Swipe Files out into customers' hands.
X 2020
What's next? Lots! Stay tuned... More industries, more content categories, more formats. Even a private podcast and community!