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Hey boss 👋 can I use this for my learning budget?

NAME, I’m looking at getting a Swipe Files membership (swipefiles.com/membership) and was hoping I could use my learning/development budget for this.

Here are the details:
• It’s just $499/yr (discounts for multiple team members also)
• Hundreds of other members — mostly marketers and entrepreneurs
• A private community of marketers and entrepreneurs sharing practical examples and willing to help
• There are teardowns of landing pages, emails, ads, and other types of content for every use case
• It’s a growing library of content across all sorts of different industries that I can’t get elsewhere

The main benefit is just being able to upgrade my own marketing skills and be able to do better work, quicker. There are quite a few examples that directly relate to PROJECT and I’m sure more examples for future projects too.

The guy behind it is Corey Haines, who was the Head of Growth at Baremetrics and was the first marketing hire for Cordial. 

I figured for such a low price it would be a no-brainer to really level up the quality of our marketing.

Okay if I expense the membership?


Premier Marketing Training
For SaaS

Join 400+ of the brightest
founders and marketers.

Amanda Natividad
Marketing Architect
Pedro Cortes
SaaS Marketing Consultant
Michele Hsu
Founder of RevGabba
Jacob Miller
Marketing at Headway
Ramli John
Managing Director
Aazar Shad
Head of Growth
Marc Thomas
Head of Growth
Powered By Search
Adrienne Barnes
B2B SaaS Content Strategy
Steph Smith
Head of Product
Trends (HubSpot)
Matt Medeiros
Podcaster Success
Chris Spagnuolo
Founder of Jetboost
Davis Baer
Founder of OneUp
Harry Dry
Founder of Marketing Examples
Tyler Hakes
Founder of Optimist
Andy Guttormsen
Founder of Circle
Marijana Kay
Freelance Writer
James Sowers
Head of Marketing
The Good
Danny Postma
Founder of Headlime
Dominique Jackson
Content Marketer
Jason Resnick
Founder of NurtureKit
Rick van Haasteren
Founder of SiteGuru
Nate Ritter
Founder of Room Steals
Bud Hennekes
Content Manager
Geoff Roberts
Founder of Outseta
Members from these amazing companies

I really suck at marketing and that’s why I joined. Already re-watched a bunch of videos and I feel the corresponding links to the videos almost deserve their own thing sometimes. I also dig the calm way of going through it all and how it‘s not hard to understand, even if you have no clue.

Ben Mann
Founder of True Fans & Ummm

Without the customer insights gained by following Corey’s advice, my business would not be where it is today. After implementing just a handful of the many strategies detailed, it has already paid for itself many times over! This is the resource I will refer to as I continue to experiment with additional marketing initiatives.

Chris Spagnuolo
Founder of Jetboost

As a developer and indie hacker, Corey's been a huge influence in helping me learn, grow, and make my first dollar online.

Andrew Walters
Co-founder of Vidds

I've been in marketing for years and still learned a lot. I would say I got more out of this than an entire college education on marketing. Corey really goes through the key areas of marketing while diving into both strategies and tactics. There's no easy button in marketing, but if I could only recommend one resource for people wanting to grow their company, I'd recommend this one!

Brittany Joiner
Marketing at Crmble

I learnt about it while trying to reset my understanding of the most critical piece of a viable product, marketing. It's my one-stop recommendation to anyone already in marketing or looking to learn a well thought out system that takes you through the essential parts of product success in general and for a SaaS business.

Ewetumo Alexander Adeniyi
Software Engineer

It's been one of my favorite resources thus far. Corey has structured the course so it's easy to learn and take action. It was a great way to learn from Corey's expertise and help grow my product.

Kelsey Petrich
Founder of Tansy

There are many examples taken out of the trenches and particularly helpful to anyone in SaaS. I believe that after going through the training, I am better equipped for my next growth challenge.

Borislav Kiprin
Digital Strategy & Marketing Consultant

The Swipe Files community connected me with incredible marketers that not only helped me elevate my mindset and career, they became great friends too!

Jacob Miller
Marketing Lead at Headway
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Send any questions to corey@swipefiles.com
Is there a way to buy memberships for my team?
Absolutely! Please email corey@swipefiles.com with 'Team Memberships' in the subject line for a quote on pricing and to get each team member set up.
Who's behind this?
I (Corey Haines) am a Company of One producing all the content, managing the community, and making everything happen.
What if I decide a membership is not for me after I subscribe?
I'd be happy to issue a refund within 7 days of your subscription.