What Is A Swipe File?
(+ How To Create One)

 A swipe file is a collection of marketing and copywriting examples to use for inspiration. Every marketer needs their own swipe file. 

A swipe file is a game-changer.

Once you create one (or get ahold of someone else's), you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.
Swipe files were born ages ago in the pockets of advertising legends. They'd "swipe" copy and media they thought were good and wanted to reference later. Maybe even share with some colleagues for some browny points.

Swipe files are unusually useful for one simple reason: Imitation.

Not copying. Imitation. The point is not to steal, it's to learn and iterate.

Humans learn first by imitation. And then action. And then theory. In that order.

Watch a father teach his son how to throw a baseball and the first words out of his mouth will be "Here, do as I do."

Watch a teacher teach her students words in a new language and count how many times she says "Repeat after me."

Swipe files help you learn to be a more effective marketer by first imitating other great marketers and great examples of marketing, and then innovating on what others have done. But there's no need to invent. To start from scratch.

Afterall... everything is a remix.

So how do you start your own swipe file?

Simple, really. You have three options.
Option #1:

Start a file in your phone and/or computer. The default Apple Notes are always a great option, Notion, Evernote, or even a folder in your email. As long as you have a dedicated place to quickly capture, tag, and later reference examples, you've got a swipe file. Congrats! That wasn't so hard, was it?

Option #2:

Start a collective file with friends or colleagues to multiply brain power and also, let's be honest, drastically reduce the workload on your end. You sneaky little freeloader, you. Create a dedicated email address you can send to, a Slack channel, or even a shared Google Drive.

Option #3:

Get access to a curated library with detailed teardowns like SwipeFiles.co, the site you're on now! Tired of scouring the internet for mediocre examples? There's a reason this site exists.

BONUS Option #4:

Do all three! All the power to ya, friend.
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