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When marketing content is your product, what is your marketing?

This is something I've struggled with for quite some time.

When I was solely focused on teardowns, I designed the experience so that the latest teardown was always free to read, but all previous teardowns would be member-only. While this created some urgency and certainly helped get more eye-balls on the content, it only got me so far.

My personal twitter following has also grown nicely, but it's still dependent on actual content. Without interesting things to share, there's no reason to follow me. And that leaves little chance of my tweets leading to Swipe Files subscribers and members.

Now, I've always believed that marketers should lean into both their curiosities and circle of competence. In other words, what can you do that you're good at and that you enjoy doing?

Podcasting is something I can do fairly well, I'm a podcast junkie myself so I think I have decent taste, and most importantly, I think it's fun. So that got me thinking: What if I created a podcast around marketing?

Podcasts also have positive asymmetry: Potential for tens or even hundreds of thousands of listeners with very low costs or downside.

The only issue? There are already a lot of marketing podcasts out there. So I were to create one, I'd need a strong premise. And I think I can do that.

The plan

Coming soon...