Tactics are temporary. Mental models are forever.

Principles, rules, and frameworks

that will make you see marketing in a whole new light.

Tired of hearing about the latest hack, trick, or tactic you should be using?

Real marketers don't chase fads. They use mental models — timeless intellectual tools that transcend every hack, trick, and tactic out there.I don't know about you, but I got sick of feeling like I was always behind.

"When will I be able to think like the CEOs, CMOs, and all-time marketing greats?"

"How come it's so hard to be creative and think of something new?"

"I always feel like I'm starting from scratch. There's gotta be a better way to think through this!"

The problem with the hacks, tricks, and tactics you hear about is that you only ever see the end result. The growth hack that paved the way to an IPO.

A trick that helped them meet their lead quota. A tactic that quadrupled their conversion rate.But no one talks about how they got there. What's the strategy behind it? How did they think of that in the first place? How do you identify these opportunities — both big and small?And how do the top-performers and high-achievers seemingly knock it out of the park over and over again?

Mental models are the difference between doing *good* marketing and doing *great* marketing.

I remember when I first really got into mental models. There was a clear before and after.

Before, everything was a struggle. It seemed like I was learning everything on the fly. I always kept thinking to myself, *"there has to be some sort of system or way to figure this out?"

Whether it was creating a landing page, writing a blog post, creating an ad, or brainstorming for a new campaign, it was a struggle.

Sometimes... dare I say... I was even making it up??

Well, fast-forward a year or two after I had been collecting, learning, and practicing some mental models, and things just started to click.

It wasn't so hard to create that landing page, write that blog post, or create that ad.

Why? Because I already had a proven system for doing those things. And I had successfully done it before, using that system. And now that my mind had these systems and frameworks to work with, it was free to truly be creative. To really think outside of the box. To be strategic and think on another level.

See, mental models are more than just a trick or hack. They're how we simplify complexity, why we consider some things more relevant than others, and how we reason.

They're conceptual shortcuts that allow us to get straight to the root of the system and make a decision.

Without them, you may continue to spin your wheels and feel like everything is a grind.With them, things won't be easy, but they'll be more fun, creative, and vastly more effective.

In-depth training on the most essential mental models for marketers.

It's not just theory, either. I'll give as many tangible examples of how each mental model can be applied as I can find. Mental models are purposed to actually be used, so we'll go through the steps you can take to implement as you go.

Introducing: Mental Models For Marketing

Unlike the hacks, tricks, and tactics you're used to hearing about... mental models are forever. These are rules for life. Rules of persuasion. Rules of decision-making. And they'll never go out of date.

We'll cover 40+ mental models with thorough explanations of each. This isn't stuff you can cover in a simple blog post.

A mental model for every major need.

All 40+ lessons are split into three major categories: problem-solving, persuasion, and process.

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Mental models to help you think critically.



Mental models to help you be more influential.



Mental models to help you be more efficient.

Here's what people are saying about Mental Models For Marketing

"Hands down the most tactical marketing strategy course I've taken (probably ever). Corey is a f'in genius 💯"

Aditya Sheth
Content Marketer at Venngage

Every time I come back to Mental Models for Marketers, there's something relevant to what I'm doing now (starting, growing, habits, etc).

Andrew Walters
Co-founder of Vidds

This is a great course that doesn't teach you quick hacks, but rather evergreen marketing frameworks to apply to any business case. I recommend this course to anyone that wants to get better at thinking about and solving difficult marketing problems!

Ahmad Abugosh
Director of Marketing at AstroLabs

This course isn't about funnels but rather how to think about marketing. When you've got the basics of marketing down and want to level up your thinking, this is a great next step!

Aske Christiansen
Growth Marketer

Mental Models for Marketing is one of the most comprehensive courses marketers can find online. It covers most of the principles you need to accelerate your career in Marketing.

Nicolas Vargas
Growth Marketer

After taking Mental Models for Marketing, I've tried to use many of them for my decision-making. I look at it on and off to make sure I am making the right decision. It gave me the right mindset to focus as a marketer — I highly recommend it (I also give it to my team to follow this course during the onboarding).

Aazar Ali Shad
Head of Growth at Vitals

Mental Models for Marketing gives you a large breath of first-hand understanding of what these models are and especially why they are important for marketing (in a mass sea of different mental models) that provide you a solid foundation in finding solutions to your marketing problems.

Ewetumo Alexander Adeniyi
Software Engineer

200+ happy customers

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Who teaches this?

Hey! I'm Corey — the former Head of Growth at Baremetrics and previously the first marketing hire at Cordial.

I'm a Seth Godin fanboy, podcast binger, and lover of all things marketing, software, and entrepreneurship.

I also created Hey Marketers, a job board just for marketers, as well as Refactoring Growth, the growth marketing course for SaaS.

Corey Haines

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Marketers eager to dig into the psychology of marketing. In-house marketers, freelance marketers, entrepreneurs — all are welcome.

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How long can I access the course for?

Forever and ever and ever.

Invest in Mental Models For Marketing

Complete Video Course

40+ actionable video lessons
30 day money-back guarantee
Templates, resources, & further recommendations
Enrollment is currently closed
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