Carta's Solution Page

Carta's Solution Page showcases how to address a specific persona or market. While not perfect, it's a good example of using tailored language, a pricing table, and descriptive copy.

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With the subheadline in purple above the main headline, Carta makes it clear that they're speaking to private companies with this page. The headline isn't terribly creative. I would have opted for something like "Streamline equity management without ____" and then delved into all the pains and frustrations with that process. The subheadline underneath does get more specific, positioning as an "all in one" kind of software.
A logo pool with some pretty impressive customers. With logos like these, you'd want to plaster it around the site in as many places as you can.
The content here is fantastic. The design? Not so much. It's under-sold. Here, they have a great opportunity to showcase their expertise. Instead, it's a couple of small sections of text. Still, the content itself is great for making the case for Carta.
I appreciate that they actually put their pricing plans on the page itself instead of linking out to the standard pricing page. This way, it's one less page a visitor has to visit and one less chance of them dropping off. Notice how the CTAs are all personalized to the plan as well. This gives them more credibility and helps set expectations for how each plan differs.
Now, Carta starts to open up the conversation for more of their products and features. Cap table management and 409A valuations are entry points. But to really hook someone in, they can now showcase all they have to offer. Keyword: "Beyond"
My qualm with this section is that they set up the reader with "Beyond cap table management and 409A valuations" and then go right into talking more about cap table management and 409A valuations. 😂 I would go straight into the next section you'll see below and use the precious real estate to dig more into their expertise.
This section fulfills the promise of "beyond" and elaborates on what the platform has to offer. Pretty standard here.
The page concludes with a CTA to request a demo or take a video tour. A video tour is definitely an innovative approach and a great option for a secondary CTA. What's missing from the page is any mention of alternative tools or methods for handling everything they solve. I'd also elaborate on what someone can expect to get from the demo or video tour, since they're pretty ambiguous right now.
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