ConvertKit's Affiliate Page

ConvertKit's Affiliate Page leverages influencers to attract affiliate partners. It's a great example of how to utilize an on-page video, step-by-step instructions, and an on-page calculator.

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ConvertKit immediately ties its affiliate program to its mission to help creators earn a living. They also share a lot of details upfront: who they're looking for, who their customers are, and how much affiliates make.
They also have a video with their top affiliate and well-known creator Pat Flynn. This is a powerful form of social proof right out the gate. Pat is the kind of guy you want to be like.
The body of the page is structured in a "how it works" manner. It begins with step 1 to explain how to sign up. The way this is structured makes it very easy to understand and take action.
To help affiliates share with their audience, they've created exclusive resources to kickstart their success. This makes achieving recurring commissions feel much more attainable.
It's as easy as that! They make it feel very simple and practical.
My favorite feature of the page: a calculator to visualize how much an affiliate could be earning based on how many customers they refer.
The page concludes by reiterating many of the same points that were stated in the intro. It's a fantastic example of how to explain, step by step, how the affiliate program works and make it enticing to sign up.
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