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The title of the downloadable is large and displayed right at the top of the page. This seems obvious, but many other download pages only feature the graphic, which can sometimes obscure the title. The description is very succinct with a one-sentence summary and mention of a prominent name.
I especially like this section as it makes it abundantly clear what the action is they want you to take. They also ask for a qualifier about who you are and even an unchecked checkbox for signing up for the newsletter to give visitors the option.
Now we have the graphic for the downloadable, which is placed right alongside the title and description. Everything in this section lives above the fold and can be skimmed in just a second or two.
The number one question (and objection) visitors will have is about what's inside. "What do I get?" Again, another element that a lot of download pages forego because they don't think about it from the visitors' perspective. IMO this section actually makes the downloadable much more appealing as they can showcase many interesting pieces of content within it. It's like giving visitors 12 reasons to download instead of just 1.
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