Folk's Early Access Email

Folk's early access email showcases how to engage potential early adopters. This is a great example of how to make the most of early interest in a product, and start a conversation to loop in potential customers.

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First: a quick note on the subject line. The perfect subject line doesn't exist. Making micro-optimizations to subject lines only works when you have an immensely huge audience and an immense amount of novelty. If you don't, keep it simple and clear.
I also appreciate the sending address coming from "folks@..." a small detail that adds to the brand and helps stand out.
The headline gets straight to the essence of the email: becoming a "pilot". Now, what a pilot *is* is what will get the reader to keep going. The question acts as a hook, engaging someone to keep reading while building intrigue.
Since this email is triggered immediately after someone enters their email address on the landing page to join the waitlist, Folk confirms that they've been added to the "priority list" as they call it. But that's not all the email is about...
They're essentially saying, "Hey, you've done X... why don't you also do Y while you're at it?" This plays into the Commitment & Consistency Bias. One small yes can lead to another small yes, which compounds into a larger yes.
So what does it mean to become a pilot? Get privileged access to the product. It's not uncommon for SaaS startups to build an email waitlist while the product is still in development, but a problem arises when it comes time to get people to actually start using the product so all the bugs and issues can be sorted out. Plus, this is a great foray to get early adopters who may become customers.
I'm a fan of big buttons. This big button is exceptional because it also clearly articulates the intent of clicking on the button.
A bonus you don't see too often: A CTA to also follow on social media. I like this because it encourages readers to engage in other ways besides email. Diversifying your communication channels reduces the risk of churn from any one of those channels and also allows you to tailor the communication for each different channel, rather than blasting out the same message in the same way on every channel.
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