Gong's Event Invitation Email

Gong's Event Invitation leverages 1-on-1 style communications with a playful tone to drive registrations. Thanks to Aazar Shad for bringing this on my radar!

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Most marketers use the first name in the subject line. Gong opts to use the last name, which helps to stand out to the recipient.
These first couple lines serve to capture the attention of the reader and hook them into the email. Already, there are two open loops: (1) what's wrong with Danny, and (2) why Danny is fired up.
Readers are teased a bit more as they build hype and anticipation for what comes next. Even though it's a monologue, the conversational copy makes it feel more like a dialogue.
Now, we get to the heart of the email: an event. But notice how there isn't a bland description of what it is and who it's for. It's simply stated that it's happening and when it's happening. Another open loop. Readers will have to keep reading in order to close the loop.
Why is the event interesting? The speakers, of course! The conversational tone continues and reaches a peak in this section. And then the recipient sees their own name. Wait what? That's bound to get their attention.
Now for the most creative CTA I've seen in a while: "Wait, you're coming right?" Even though it's a bit silly (and obviously a joke), it still feels like a subtle nudge. It's direct enough to know that it's an invitation but just playful enough for it to *feel* inviting.
To cap it off, Danny lists some social proof in the form of registration numbers to create some FOMO. 5k is not a small number to scoff at, which communicates that the event is high quality and that the recipient might be missing out on something worthwhile.
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