Help Scout's Startup Page

Help Scout created a program for early-stage startups to get started on a special, discounted plan. This page explains how the program works and who it's for.

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For a highly targeted page like this, it needs to quickly help visitors self-select if it's for them or not. "Help Scout for Startups" lets visitors know immediately that there's a program for startups. The header speaks to the desired outcome of a startup founder or Head of Customer Success: scaling.
And instead of burying the details, they let know visitors know what the deal is: $50/mo for a year. But in order to get it, they'll have to apply. "Apply Now" allows them to filter out unqualified startups while also creating a sense of urgency. Applications imply a chance of being denied, that there are others interested, and that maybe quantities are limited.
In case visiting startups aren't familiar with Help Scout, there's a quick section that talks about the major features of the platform and link out to other pages to give more information for each. I think it's important to not spend too much time on features as you'll risk smothering the real purpose of the page.
The burning question on visitors' minds will be what the startup plan entails. This third section starts to address the real meat of the page. By framing it as everything they need to support customers right off the bat, it frames what's included in the plan in a better light. Instead of "That's it?" it's "Great, that's all we need."
As you can see, it's rather simple. Startups get the most featureful plan with 10 users and a promise for superb support.
The real question is whether or not visitors are qualified. This, again, helps visitors self-select and think "Hey, this is for me!"
They also feature strong social proof in the form of high-quality, produced video testimonials from notable customers.
Don't forget the other list of impressive customers they have onboard along with 10,000+ others.
To wrap it up, I really like this closing paragraph that speaks directly to the value for customers, the value for the team, and how easy it is to get set up.
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