Intercom's Updates Page

Intercom's Updates Page is a refreshing new way to communicate company news. It includes multiple sections with various types of content, a personal touch, and an unconventional way of communicating updates.

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Usual company news pages are shared on the blog, mixed in with all other types of content. Intercom makes their company news page a first-class citizen, the foremost element being the slider with previews that pop up on hover. This makes the page come alive with dynamic and interactive components.
Just below, they feature some of their larger updates with an editorial feel. Again, this really gives their updates a first-class citizen feel instead of an afterthought.
Peeling back yet another layer of the process, they also share the behind-the-scenes process for how and why product updates are built. Personally, I think this adds a personal touch that gives the updates some more context. It makes readers and users feel more connected to the people, teams, and ultimately the company behind it.
For another added personal touch, they even feature the employees behind the updates: Maria and Mathew. I love the quotes.
The page concludes with a CTA to get started with Intercom. Overall, I think this is a really refreshing take on the age-old and stale company news section.
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