Manscaped's Facebook Ad

This ad is retargeted to customers as an upsell and cross-sell. In this ad, you'll notice particular tone and characteristics that Manscaped uses often.

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Since this ad is being retargeted to customers, they don't need to explain what Manscaped is, who it's for, or hook in potential customers with attention-grabbing headlines. They cut straight to the chase and make an upsell offer to upgrade. In fact, the brevity and ambiguity build interest to click through and learn more.
The real headline, and what keeps readers hooked, is the audacious "We Save Balls" obstructed by the upgrade kit. Instead of trying to entice readers with some features or benefits about the upgrade kit, they use humor to build on the brand affinity they've already built with customers. It's playful, and subtle.
They still show the actual products the reader would be getting, and feature them front and center. Especially for e-commerce businesses, great product images are key. Finding novel and interesting ways to show the product is a great way to stand out amongst other ads and posts in the feed.
One of the things that piqued my interest was the use of the adapted pointing-finger-emojis. The text between the hands is unreadable, but that doesn't matter. Simply pointing to the middle draws and centers attention.
The ad concludes with naming the upgrade kit and interesting readers with free shipping as well. The actual headline doesn't need to reinvent the wheel. The short, yet descriptive headline circles back and leads to the call to action to shop now.
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