MetaLab's Case Study of Pitch

MetaLab's case study of Pitch is a pristine example of what you get when you mix extraordinary design with storytelling. It focuses on telling their client's story, showcasing wins, and using client quotes to build an authentic experience.

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The page leads with an illustration of what Pitch does in a clever way that looks like it's currently been designed. Too many case studies lead with boring tropes like big headings that say things like "PROBLEM", "SOLUTION', and "RESULTS." Not that those things are bad, but they're boring as hell if that's all that's there.
Some basic information is displayed in a rather unique way. Consider how you can rearrange categorical information like this in a way that doesn't get skipped over immediately.
Instead of MetaLab leading with *their own* story, they lead with the origin story of Pitch. Given that they're a design agency, these details matter to show that they know and understand their client. The Pitch team just might have to steal that "Death by/to PowerPoint" line too.
Showing a fundraising announcement gives the case study weight, as it shows that MetaLab works with top-tier startups. This is paired with a rather raw video that features the Pitch founder and team members talking about their experience working with MetaLab.
Now we get to how MetaLab started working with Pitch. This gives context to the rest of the case study.
Again, instead of defaulting to the tired "PROBLEM" section, they dive right into how they began the project. It feels more like you're being read a good book than it does reading a case study.
Direct quotes of user stories are featured to illustrate their research process. Of course, this will depend on your business, but it works perfectly for a design agency like MetaLab.
Moving forward into the solution, they're setting the stage for what they're about to showcase as the "SOLUTION." I love that they talk about how they came to these conclusions. Showing the solution without showing how you got there dulls the impressiveness of the solution.
A quick quote to chime in on the experience of what it was like to make decisions and come to these conclusions. Usually, case studies only feature quotes from the client, but featuring a quote from a MetaLab team member gives it a more collaborative feel.
Now they hone in on a couple of key results. It's tempting to spend the majority of your case study harping on all the magical things you accomplished for your client/customer, but it may come off as a bit showboaty.
Focusing on a few key results will be more memorable and give readers a taste of what you can do, eager for more.
"A defining marker of success for Pitch would be its ability to facilitate statuses, task-assignment, and to-dos." Again, just a highlight of a clear win for their client.
But who's to say that they've done a good job? Well, according to them, people at Slack, Superhuman, and Framer for starters.
To conclude, a quote from Pitch CEO and founder Christian Reber puts the stamp on the envelope with a generous nod to the MetaLab's expertise and ability.
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