Privy's Shop Small Ecommerce

Privy's marketing team banded together for a last-minute project in the wake of COVID-19 and a slump of online sales. Amazon had been dominating the scene, while small online retailers were struggling. So Privy created a way for shoppers to support small business owners in tough times.

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Users can use the search bar to look for certain items, categories, or features from the list of over 2,000+ stores.
Filters are also available to narrow down results based on one or more categories the stores have items for.
Each store card shows the overarching category, store name, and brief description. Each store has a button that links directly to their site, and some even have a button to reveal a discount code.
The discount code is then displayed on the card to use for purchase, helping drive sales directly to the stores. If Privy can help their customers get more sales, that's a win!
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