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Segment's Product Page highlights everything a developer and a marketer needs to know to understand if it's a good fit for them.

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The header is straightforward, speaking directly to the desired outcome. The subheading is a bit redundant, as it doesn't really give any new information or tell *how* Segment collects customer data for you. Still, there's no question about what it does.
Instead of a screenshot or mockup, they opt for an illustration for with and without Segment. First, by default, without Segment: a disparate web of tools.
Next, with Segment: a clean connection of tools through a centralized source.
Segment then elaborates on each side: Sources and Destinations. Collect data from sources and then push data to destinations to make use of unified customer data. It's not terribly clear at first, but it makes sense when reading through.
A few more secondary benefits worth mentioning in the beginning. You can see how they're tied to common pain points experienced by their target audience: "Integrate new tools in minutes, not weeks," "No more waiting for App Store approval," and "No more costly integration processes."
I was a bit taken aback at first, but I believe it's to cater to a non-technical audience AKA marketers.
This suspicion is supported by this section, which showcases how anyone can visually tag what they want to tag using an interface.
Some more details about the features Segment offers for their connections and integrations.
One of the questions and objections that will inevitably come up is around privacy. Customer data is a touchy area, so Segment makes it clear how they help users handle privacy with ease.
This section serves to elaborate on the other features related to the product to give more detail.
The page concludes with a CTA to get started, with a call back to the beginning of the page with the floating icons.
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