Sales Safari 101

A live workshop with Alex Hillman of Stacking The Bricks

What if you build it, and they don't come?

Talk about a huge, scary “what if.” 

The thing that’s especially unfair about this anxiety is that even once you succeed, the pain doesn’t go away. Sometimes success merely transforms it:

“Sure, I made some sales. That was great! But not enough sales, not yet. What should I do next? What if that doesn’t work? What if I can’t do it again? What if it was a fluke?”

That second-guessing right there is the lurking terror hidden behind a million smaller, superficial fears we blame for our avoidance, procrastination, and delays.

You can learn tactics, techniques, and tools for just about anything. You can experiment and test things until the cows come home. 

But it’s not really about the details of what to do, or when, or how. 

It’s the unknowability. The endless guessing game. 

What could you achieve if you really understood your customers needs, wants, and behaviors? 

Not guesses (or hopes). Not advice from peers, or even people ahead of you. Not trying, fruitlessly, to copy what other people did.

I’m talking about truly understanding your audience and customers based on provable facts!

How amazing would it be if you knew what your audience wanted — and that they were willing to pay for it — before they even asked for it? 

And if you knew exactly what types of things they share with their peers, how much easier would that make it for you to create high performance marketing content and resources?

What if you could, in essence, read your customer’s minds and predict their behavior?

Rather than trying to talk yourself out of perfectly valid concerns, or thrash yourself into pushing through, you could just...see what the data says, and instantly feel more confident. 

You could quit the endless guessing game, spend your time wisely, and make every ounce of effort worth it. 

Banish the fear, uncertainty, and doubt with Sales Safari

Sales Safari is Amy Hoy’s popular audience research method based on the field of design ethnography, which she and Alex Hillman have taught to thousands of successful creators and indie marketers around the world. 

Sales Safari comes from a simple but powerful premise:

1. To successfully create and sell products to people, you have to understand how those people really think and behave.
2. To learn how people
really behave, observe them in their native environment.

No cold-calling. No cold-emailing. No surveys or polls. You don’t enter into the equation and you don’t distort the results.

Once you understand someone, all you have to do is serve their needs.

And the best way to truly understand your customers is with Sales Safari.

Sales Safari is more than just “reading forums.”

When you're in "reading" mode on the Internet, you're always thinking about how what you read applies to you. You’re ignoring stuff that doesn’t apply to you. 

Here’s the thing: You are not your customer.

Sales Safari gives you the tools to look beyond the surface of forum threads and blog comments and read your audience's mind.

To understand them so well and empathize with their problems, to create content and resources that really meet their needs, to build trust and a sterling reputation.

If you’ve “read forums” to study your audience in the past, you’ve probably seen 1% of the valuable customer insights on the page. And that’s better than 0%!

But with a little bit of practice, Sales Safari will help you see the other 99% and give you a specific and action-oriented framework for turning those insights into results. 

Sales Safari is professional-grade.

Professional researchers and industrial designers don’t rely on self-reporting of surveys and interviews. They do in-home and follow-along studies to see if what people say and what they do are the same (hint: they rarely are!). 

Now, you can’t expect to fly around the world just to lurk in your customer’s living rooms. You also don’t have to. 

Over the past decade of process design and iteration, we’ve improved Sales Safari from a simple direction of “go read the forums and identify pain points” into a detailed and step-by-step process designed to help you extract business and marketing gold from even the most seemingly mundane internet chatter. 

You learn concrete rules for the types of content, specific ways to record and organize the data you find, apply techniques to learn to write and speak like your audience, and mental exercises for ferreting out the most wily and subtle of pain points.

As our students often say, "After learning Sales Safari, I can never read the internet in the same way again!" 

You’ll build a better business because of your research

You’ll be able to use your Sales Safari research to...

→ tailor your content marketing to topics your audience can’t resist reading, using, and sharing more widely
→ figure out what new products or features to build next, without hoping that customers will buy
→ write high conversion copy for your sales pages, emails, CTAs, and more

No made-up customer personas or avatars here. It’s all rich, high resolution, and real. You’ll know what real people in your real audience actually shares and buys, and at what price points, and how they think about value.

Best of all, Sales Safari is forever. You can apply the exact same techniques to your existing customers’ comments, complaints, questions, and support requests to help you refine and improve your current course, design upsells and add-ons, or build your next big thing.

Learn Sales Safari in this live workshop, presented by Swipe Files

On DATE you can join Amy’s business partner and Sales Safari instructor Alex Hillman for a rare live, interactive workshop hosted by the Swipe Files community. 

You'll learn how to do Sales Safari with real, interactive practice and coaching, and tips on how to begin applying what you find on Safari to your sales pages, your marketing, and even in your course itself. Plus time for Q&A!

You'll get the videos, the lessons, slides, transcript, and recordings to save and review forever.

You just have to invest the time to apply what you learn. And if the superpower of reading customer’s minds helps you make even a couple more sales, you can be sure it'll pay you back over & over again, for the rest of your career. That’s time well spent. 

Banish the uncertainty. Create your success through understanding and respecting the people who can make it happen: your customers.

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