Tuesday, October 24th 2023 🗓

SaaS Marketing Summit

One day only virtual summit featuring four roundtable discussions with your favorite marketers. No pre-recorded fluffy talks. 100% live.

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Hey 👋 I'm Corey, and I'll be your host 🎙

Most virtual summits are just back to back webinars of pre-recorded, recycled presentations.

Not this one! I wanted to do something different.

I know your time is precious and you've only got so much attention for this kind of stuff. So instead of a multi-day event with talks all day long, we're just going to do one half-day.

I know you listen to podcasts and can get most content on-demand these days, so we're doing live roundtable discussions to get the smartest marketers in their respective fields to all chime in on what's working for them and debate differing approaches.

I know you've got a lot on your calendar so even if you just tune in for one of the five live sessions, that's totally okay with me!

I'm here to facilitate one of my favorite content formats: live roundtable discussions. They're raw, interactive, and real. You'll hear the war stories and real experiences of some of the best in the game.

Hope to see you Tuesday, October 24th. 🤓

Live roundtable discussions with attendee Q&A

9:00 AM (PST)

Startup Marketing

How to get a startup off the ground and build momentum.

How do you stretch a limited budget? How do you prioritize your time when you only have so much? What's working and what's a waste of time?

Alexa Kilroy

Director of Marketing • Stay Ai

Ryan Gilbert

Head of Content • Loops

Kamil Rextin

Founder • 42 Agency

Emmet Gibney

CEO • Rewardful
10:00 AM (PST)

Crisp Founders Interview

How Crisp scaled to 500,000+ users while being 100% self-funded.

 How do you compete with giants like Intercom, Zendesk, Olark, and Help Scout? Hear the unfiltered story of how they've grown since 2015.

Baptiste Jamin

Cofounder • Crisp

Valerian Saliou

Cofounder • Crisp
11:00 AM (PST)

Scaleup Marketing

How to scale up marketing once you find product-market fit.

 How do you get past growth plateaus? How do you hire and scale teams? How do you decide what to double down on vs what to experiment with?

George Chasiotis

Managing Director • Minuttia

Natalie Marcotullio

Head of Growth • Navattic

Dave Schools

Founding team • Hopin

Carlos Gimenez

Head of Demand Generation • 42 Agency
12:00 PM (PST)

State of SaaS Marketing Report

An extensive report analyzing data from hundreds of marketers in 2023.

 Metrics, budgets, team dynamics, and more.

Read the 2023 Report →

Corey Haines

Swipe Files & Conversion Factory
Tuesday, October 24th 2023 🗓

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1 day. 4 roundtable discussions. 100% live.

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