Bite's Landing Page

Bite's Landing Page exemplifies how to write value-driven copy paired with the product.

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There's nothing uniquely creative about the headline, but it perfectly introduces what Bite offers. "The only..." sentence then makes a strong positioning statement to show how they're different and describe the product.
Some impressive press mentions to give them credibility and clout.
Bite has a strong angle to sustainability and being environmentally friendly. Introducing it early creates a frame for visitors to view them through, which influences the way they view the rest of the page.
In best practice fashion, they show their best sellers and featured products right away. In e-commerce, you really can't bury the lede. Show the product as early and often as you can.
"Zero paste, zero waste" might just be the ultimate alliteration/rhyme combo. This is where the concept of the Bite toothpaste is subtly explained: they created a paste alternative so that you wouldn't waste paste.
Now onto how it works. I love how simple this is. It's critical to actually walk visitors through how it works, even if there isn't an explicitly named section, so that you can draw the connection between what problem you solve, the potential future of the customer, and how you help them get there.
This "about" section puts a face to the company and helps visitors connect with the brand on a more personal level.
In "Start With Why", author Simon Sinek urges people to drill down to the philosophical core of a message and then lead with that, instead of the "How" or "What." This is a great example of that idea actually put into practice.
Another phrase alliteration that makes their value proposition incredibly easy to understand and remember.
To back up the information above, they get into the big problem: toothpaste tube waste. Again, getting back to their core value of sustainability.
I love this approach to social proof: (1) showing how many five star reviews they have, (2) showing quotes from happy customers, and (3) writing a quick comment relating reviews to the value proposition.
Finally, an invitation to join the email list. There's likely room to make it more enticing and optimize for conversions, but it's certainly a step up from many other newsletter subscription sections.
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