Part-Time YouTuber Academy's Landing Page

Part-Time YouTuber Academy's Landing Page leverages lengthy copywriting. Ali Abdaal does a fantastic job using second-person voice, selling the transformation, and really agitating the pains of visitors.

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Ali focuses on the end result that the visitor is seeking. But there’s also a fun caveat: without quitting your day job. He’s really selling the promise here.
What would a course on YouTube be without a video intro?
Ali shows his own transformation. This establishes him as a credible source. Visitors will wonder: “Why learn from you?” People want to learn from people who have been there and done that. It also makes him more relatable as he talks about his struggle and where he started from. But most importantly, it creates desire. “If Ali can do it, why can’t I?”
He even shows a revenue graph. And let’s be real, course customers and revenue graphs are like a moth to a flame. It’s incredibly enticing to see exactly how much money he’s made.
This section is interesting because he’s almost downplaying the course. It’s not until the end that we start to piece together where he’s going with this. But also, in a world where every guru is selling secrets, I like that he’s admitting there is no secret. It creates trust.
Here, he really agitates the pain. Notice the use of second-person voice with all the “you”s addressing the reader directly.
Now, he elaborates on what the course actually is and how it works. In a section like this, it's paramount to be as clear as possible and list every detail. Any missing details will be open questions and potential blockers for someone signing up.
"By the end of the course..." is a magical section to have. It really helps visitors imagine what it'd be like to achieve what they want and get their desired result. This, above any other section or content, is ultimately what the course is selling.
A generous endorsement from someone who isn't a "video pro."
Since the course is applicable across several different personas, Ali does the work of spelling out exactly who it's for and how it'll help them. I love that he personalizes each section to that persona.
Again, notice the use of second-person voice with all the "you"s. I counted 20 in this paragraph alone. More doesn't necessarily mean better, but it shows how tailored it is to the visitor.
Visitors will also inevitably be wondering what the course includes and what kind of content they can expect. Again, Ali spares no detail and goes at length to describe course material.
The big question for course purchasers: The refund policy. Ali doesn't try to hide it in the T&C or bury it in the footer. It's prominently displayed as a risk-reversal tactic.
Now for the pricing. Ali lays out three different packages for the course and neatly compares the differences of each one. Each package progressively adds on more content, benefits, and bonuses.
The page wraps up with a few CTAs for scholarships, questions, and to join the mailing list. Normally I wouldn't advise ending a page like this, but they're related to purchasing the course so they're not directly competing with the CTA to purchase the course.
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