Blinkist's Landing Page

Blinkist's Landing Page harps on the pain points of their target audience and then presents a simple solution. More more commentary, check out my friend Mark's video teardown:

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Blinkist's target audience can be described as "busy professionals." Their main pain points are around time, convenience, and achieving their goals. This headline makes perfect sense, technically, but falls a bit short in its vague language. The subheadline gets a bit closer, describing how the product helps you learn on the go, but fails to describe how it does that.
Now they get into what they actually do for users. Blinkist used to be very focused on their 15-minute audiobook summaries but it's apparent now that they're diversifying into other forms of content: full audiobooks and original podcasts.
This is my favorite section of the page as it really helps visitors visualize when and how they will use the product. A simple illustration gives the free trial a more tangible feel and especially using the dates, makes it feel much more attainable.
To entice visitors into the trial, they showcase content from the library right here on the page and make it easily sortable to find something the visitor would be interested in.
In this last section, they boast some social proof with the number of users they have using Blinkist. The only problem? Where's the CTA? There are links to download the app close by in the footer, but I'm not sure why they would add another free trial CTA right here to conclude the page.
As you exit the page, they have a popup to ask visitors to create an account. There isn't any information about price, so it's assumed that it's free, but it's a solid exit popup none the less.
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