Fey's Landing Page

Fey's Landing Page leverages a distinctive style to build early access interest. Due to all the animations on the page, I'm unable to get a full screenshot.

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To be honest, the copy is a bit underwhelming. BUT the design more than makes up for it. It's stunningly dramatic. I love that the CTA is to "Press A anytime to request access", which is right on brand for them since their app features keyboard shortcuts.
The immediately start positioning the product as an "all-in-one" type of offering. "Fey replaces multiple tools in your workflow" signals this value prop.
A bit vague, but "everything, unlike anything" is still very clever. Again, leaning in on their "all-in-one" value prop and displacement of other tools.
Here are the keyboard shortcuts mentioned. I love the way the illustration is paired with the text that allows someone to understand what's about to be said without even reading it yet.
Now they get a bit into how it works by showing how to connect in a secure way. In the world of finance and investing, security is a major concern.
Here's feature #1: Ideas. You'll notice that they're all under the same headline and description, but then the details for each feature change as you scroll.
Feature #2: Note-taking. This whole experience feels like you're in the app itself.
Feature #3: Positions. This establishes the workflow that users are encouraged to adopt.
Feature #4: Metrics. This completes the workflow and gives visitors just enough to build intrigue.
They cleverly integrate the pricing right onto the screen as if you were looking at making a trade within the app.
A really clean testimonial to add some social proof to the page. Especailly with the white background contrasting with the previous black background, it really stands out.
The testimonials stack on top of each other as the page scrolls down.
The page concludes with a final CTA to join the waitlist. They also set expectations letting visitors know that they're onboarding each customer individually.
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