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This is one of the more unique headers I've seen above the fold and I'm here for it. A big, bold, benefit-driven headline catches attention. A short subheadline describes what it is. And then three tabs swap out different screenshots of the app for three major use cases.
One of the inevitable objections will be "how is this better than my OS contacts?" They address it head-on and thus create a great opportunity to show much of the product that illustrates how it goes above and beyond the address book.
Now they get into how it works, This shows how easy it is to get started and what visitors can expect when signing up for an account.
I don't completely understand this section, but I think the thought here is to show how it makes managing your contacts easier. There's no connection between the headline and the illustration and subpoints.
Given the nature of the product, it's not immediately clear if this is a "single-player" or "multiplayer" kind of product. This section answers that question and shows how it has far-reaching implications across the team.
The page concludes with a repeated CTA that reinforces the main value prop they're trying to drive home.
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