Front's Demo Page

Front's Demo Page makes requesting a demo inviting, easy, and low-friction.

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The headline holds a powerful lesson that a lot of marketers need to know: Cater to the customer journey. For Front, the people who request demos are the ones who have already decided that they want to see more of Front. Many demo pages work to build interest whereas Front simply caters to those who are *already* interested.
They also describe exactly what visitors can expect to get when they fill out the form to request a demo. This ensures that there's ambiguity about what's entailed in a demo.
The form asks for the minimum information needed to make it as easy as possible to complete. Notice that it also starts with the email field highlighted in red to draw attention to it.
They also call a lot of attention to their phone number in case a visitor wants to get in contact right away. The bright red makes it impossible to miss.
A strong testimonial reinforces the value proposition and shows that others are finding value in the product.
The page concludes with some social proof showing a logo pool of prominent customers.
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