Help Scout's Demo Page

Help Scout's Demo Page creates a dynamic page that entices visitors to engage. Unlike the stale demo pages of most startups, Help Scout utilizes various forms of social proof, screenshots, and friendly faces.

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There are a few elements here that I love: a friendly headline, a subheadline that sets expectations, meeting with a "customer champion" instead of a sales rep, and showing smiling faces.
The form just asks for the minimum required information from the visitor. Notice the secondary CTA in case a trial is a better fit for what the visitor is looking for. They also include logos of notable customers as social proof.
Instead of a vague illustration or simply not using the space at all, Help Scout opts for screenshot previews of the product itself. This builds anticipation for the demo and gives visitors a taste of what to expect.
They also showcase testimonials from customers in a slider along with the screenshots for even more social proof.
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