Groundhogg vs Infusionsoft Comparison Page

Groundhogg vs Infusionsoft Comparison Page focuses on their key differentiators.

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The page begins with a simple headline describing the content of the page along with a quick summary of their competitive advantages.
Right away, they go straight into a pricing comparison. Since this is their main differentiator, this illustration gets straight to the point and reinforces their point. At this point, if a visitor isn't struck by this comparison, they're likely not a good fit to continue reading on.
I love the way this is framed. "Here's what our Infusionsoft converts love about Groundhogg" makes it feel more credible coming from customers rather than from the company (regardless of where the content actually came from).
Agencies are a huge part of Infusionsoft's business and also make for an ideal buyer persona for Groundhogg. This sections calls out an important differentiator for agencies that might sway them in Groundhogg's favor.
While it's not directly related to the product itself, anything you can do to provide value for the customer is one more reason to switch. Templates make getting started quicker, easier, and more confident.
These testimonials are framed specifically to address switching while also talking about cost-savings.
This section summarizes the main value propositions of Groundhogg as a whole to leave visitors with their strongest arguments.
They also show a CTA with an illustration of what Groundhogg looks like in the WordPress plugin directory and money-back guarantee.
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