Twist vs Slack Comparison Page

Twist vs Slack Comparison Page focuses on the complaints and criticisms of their competitor.

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For SEO purposes, the keyword is clearly included early in the H1: "Slack alternative." But it's also great positioning. "...for teams that prioritize clarity" immediately speaks to unhappy Slack users who feel like Slack is messy, noisy, or hard to keep track of.
They bolster an impressive user count and contrast themselves against Slack very clearly. Slack = stress; Twist = peaceful productivity.
They begin with a strong criticism of Slack. They use words like "overwhelming," "stuck," "buried," and "stress." For unhappy Slack users, this will agitate their pain. For happy Slack users, it may compel them to start to question their happiness.
Now for the contrast: Twist is the antidote. The antithesis. The opposite of all the things Slack users are unhappy about.
The design is subpar, but they feature testimonials high up on the page to reinforce their propositions.
I love "chaos into calmness." Twist doesn't hold any punches and continues their criticism of Slack by specifically pointing out weak points and complaints of Slack customers. They even cite a study of the positive impact switching to Twist has on teams.
Another powerful comparison that specifically calls out a downfall of Slack: creating a culture of distraction. Twist offers themselves as the antidote to distraction and again cites a study that measures the impact of switching.
Again, exploiting a specific criticism by Slack customers: information siloes. Twist isn't just selling software, they're selling a methodology.
Notice that they're not commenting on how they're better. Instead, they're focusing on how they're *different*. It's a small, but vital distinction.
To summarize, they organize a simple table that rehashes the major points just covered but that makes it very easy to skim.
Here's a novel approach to media mentions and logos: They show a quote from the article they were featured in. This gives the media mentions more credibility and is a nice addition to the customer quotes shown at the top of the page.
They also have a FAQ section hidden in an expandable element that elaborates on some of the more detailed questions visitors may have about Twist vs Slack.
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