LEON's Landing Page

LEON's Landing Page uses brave and challenging copy to generate interest. I managed to glean some insights from Bryan Smith, the founder of LEON, to help inform this teardown. It's a great example of copy-first landing pages in a B2B setting.

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From Bryan: "The HR tech space is notoriously as boring as watching paint dry. Filled with words like 'love, care, engage, etc.' that so obviously speak to the stereotypical HR manager and the 'people' space in general. We knew that if we wanted to cause a reaction, a headline that grabbed attention and created an emotion behind the problem was needed."
The headline is cleverly supported with a statistic to back it up. Immediately, it's clear who this is for and what problem they solve.
As you can see, they're early access for the time being, which is appropriately reflected in the CTA. I love that it's big, bold, and descriptive.
If you're gonna make some big claims, you'd better be able to back it up. They smartly include a link under the CTA so as to not distract from the main copy but still provide a reference.
Now, it's one thing to make a bold statement like that and but it's another to make a bold statement and then be able to show something for it. Showing the logos gives the problem statement above weight and credibility.
From Bryan: "When making a statement like above, we knew that the general feature/benefit structure of your normal SaaS product wasn't going to work. In some ways, we were challenging and possibly offending our target market, and we understood that if we didn't tell a good enough story behind the problem we were solving, we would be in trouble."
From Bryan: "Plus, Hey.com had just been released, so the environment for creating a copy heavy landing page was set up for us. We just had to deliver."
From Bryan: "After user testing, the biggest question was (and still is) wtf do you guys do? So, after going back and forth on copy only, we decided to add three main benefits of using LEON. But, admittedly we wanted to stay vague. We liked the idea of being the Wizard behind the curtain, or people asking 'how are you doing this'? So we gave just enough to peek through the curtain a bit."
These sections aren't *outstanding* but they do get the job done and I appreciate that they focus more on the benefits since the features are still very much in development.
It's not clear what Playbooks are, but they do sound interesting!
In this section, they really sell the promise. The desired future state. The outcome. "With LEON, *you become*..."
These are some strong testimonials from employees at recognizable brands. I always appreciate when the face is shown in a testimonial.
From Bryan: "When being vague with ad copy, you must continuously raise eyebrows or surprise. After user testing, we sensed a bit of frustration in site visitors. They loved the copy, they loved the story, but there was still the question of how we did it... and since we committed to not diving deep, we needed a CTA that wrangled them back into the tone of the headline and long-form copy. Hit the damn button worked for us."
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