Peel's Landing Page

Peel's Landing Page lets their products do the talking.

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Peel opts to use their prime real estate above the fold to feature their newest product: The Brass Touch Tool. They use very concise, Apple-esque copy to describe the product's function.
Peel's ethos is displayed prominently in the center of the page, linking out to their About page.
Their first major piece of real estate on the page is devoted to their flagship product: the phone cases.
Next up: their newly updated wireless charger. Notice the heavy dependence on product imagery: show, don't tell.
Thanks to some layout wizardry, they can feature another staple product in the inventory.
Even though it's not the greatest placement for a newsletter, the social proof manages to boost it to make it a compelling offer. 250,000 is a large number! If I were them, I might even feature that number in the headline for the newsletter CTA.
Two more products are featured with a slightly different, but matching aesthetic. The way they market their products exactly matches the ethos for their products: minimalistic yet effective. Each product feature includes the name, brief description, and engaging imagery.
Finally, some social proof on where they've been featured. Media logos transfer credibility and, if nothing else, give visitors a bit of assurance.
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