Polymath's Landing Page

Polymath's landing page uses funny copy, productized services, and specific keywords to differentiate from the countless other marketing agencies. The funniest copywriter out there, Lianna Patch, wrote this page and referred me to it as one of the pages she's proud of.

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To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the headline. But I *am* a fan of the subheadline right above it. "NO-B.S." is a great way to frame the type of consulting they do and start positioning themselves in a certain way. It's a style — there are a million and one marketing agencies, so what sets them apart? Well, they do SEO & technical consulting in a No-B.S. way.
This is a common best practice with services businesses: productizing their services and making it crystal clear what they offer from the beginning. Showing these three options above the fold gets straight to what the visitor is wondering: "How can you help me?" This allows visitors to start learning more about what they're interested in and dig into the details for each.
LOVE this headline. It implies that Polymath has the tools, expertise, and know-how to understand your business and then challenges visitors with a question that gets to the heart of their services.
Lianna injects some humor to hook visitors into the start of the pitch. You'll notice that dogs are a recurring theme — something that's near and dear to the founders. I love that they use it as a way to help visitors understand what they do and introduce their services.
Everyone wants to do less work by offloading to robots, automation, and programs. Plus, there's always something eye-catching about robots.
There's also an easter egg with some blacked-out text that's sure to get a giggle. Again, using humor to loop someone in and build interest in the service offering.
Polymath doesn't wait to introduce who's behind the brand with the about page. Instead, they introduce themselves in a human and friendly way. I'd also like to recognize Lianna for creating The Most Interesting About Page CTA™️
They also include powerful testimonials that are both specific and believable. Notice the keywords: "partnership," "SEO," "timely," "invaluable," "in good hands," "no other SEO service... even mentioned."
The page wraps up with a low-commitment CTA to get a free site audit. It's hard to refuse free labor and is a great way to get the conversation started.
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