Shepherd's Landing Page

Shepherd's landing page uses straightforward copywriting to shine light on its productized service. Shepherd is a new agency that finds top overseas talent for your company. It's one of the best productized service landing pages exemplifying how to address objections, create desire, and position clearly.

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Shepherd starts off with a straightforward statement that summarizes their entire business and value proposition in one sentence. After reading this, there's no question about what it is and who it's for... the two most important questions you must answer as quickly as possible.
Now that they have you hooked on the value they provide, they explain who they are and introduce how they provide that value.
Social proof supports the value prop presented in the header and gives credibility to the forthcoming copy.
Questions are powerful copywriting tools. This question introduces the possibilities available with their service. It paints a picture of what *could be* and creates desire.
Now, they introduce the problem. It's the gap between visitors' current state and their desired state. This is the pain that they solve and the reason they exist. It also answers the objection: "Why can't I do this myself?"
They now introduce themselves as the bridge between the visitors' current state and their desired state — the solution to the problem. Now, with the context of the value and the problem, the solution becomes much more potent. They also elaborate on their unique advantage and what clients can tap into when they hire their services. It's the "superpowers" that clients get access to, if you will.
This is an area where a lot of landing pages fall short, but that Shepherd does a great job of addressing. Instead of leaving it at the solution, they elaborate on how exactly it works.
This allows visitors to understand and visualize "crossing the bridge" — realizing that their desired state is attainable. Visitors must have confidence that this solution actually works in order to motivate them to take action. Showing each step makes the solution believable and logically acceptable.
The main value prop is repeated, driving home the main message. Especially in a time when cost-savings can be valued even more than revenue growth, it's worth repeating for emphasis.
For anyone not ready to engage in a sales conversation, they provide a great secondary CTA. This way, they still have a way to nurture and build rapport with those who aren't immediately ready to respond to the primary CTA.
The page concludes with a final CTA to engage a sales conversation while also addressing another likely objection/concern: "Where do you source talent from?"
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