YNAB's Landing Page

This is one of YNAB's old landing pages, which is a prime example of how a copy-heavy sales letter can be used for B2C SaaS.

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The page opens with a bold headline. A promise. A flag planted in the ground. It's the outcome every potential customer is searching for.
It's hard to read, which is disappointing, but the copy reads: "that means paying off debt, saving more money, and breaking the paycheck cycle." These are all desires of potential customers, elaborating on the headline.
The opening paragraph immediately addresses the skepticism visitors are likely feeling, which segues nicely into introducing the unique YNAB methodology that the software is built upon. I love the copy "turn you into a finance superhero." It's ambitious and cheeky... right on brand.
This is where the YNAB method is explained in four succinct sections. I've always admired how they sell visitors on the method before the software. It's a powerful tool that makes the software an ends to a mean. It's much easier to sell someone on an idea than on a product. And this way, they'd have to change their mind on the idea before they can churn from the software.
The software is the way to achieve the desired result by being able to stick to the method. Powerful!
Back in a time of complex budgeting apps, this was a major differentiator and value prop.
Manual data entry? Fuhgeddaboudit!
Again, in a time where manual data entry and choppy integrations ruled, real-time cross-device sync was a real draw.
Budgeting is intimidating, time-consuming, and confusing. Other apps were hard to reach, supposedly so easy to use that they require no help and no education, and users were essentially left to fend for themselves. YNAB capitalized on this with its hands-on and instructive approach.
Tired of the testimonial carousel or logo pool? YNAB showcases pictures of customers and links out to raving reviews.
Another form of social proof: listing press mentions. The witty copy makes them irresistibly likable.
The page concludes with a final note of encouragement. "You've got this!"
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