Zapier's Activation Email

Zapier's activation email combines personality with clear calls to action. The #emailgeek and Queen of Email Tear Downs herself, Val Geisler, turned me on to this email that serves as a great example of how to get users to take certain actions to get value from the service.

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The first thing I appreciate is the urgency combined with a clear message about the contents of the email. "So close!" grabs attention and hooks subscribers in. "Let's turn your Zap on" makes the intent known.
The email is sent from Mike, one of the co-founders. It's also casual. "It's Mike" makes it feel like you've known him for years.
It then gets straight to the value that Zapier provides: automating tasks so you can focus on important work. Don't forget to remind users of what they set out to do (and what you can do for them!).
It also mentions one of the main pain points users experience: being busy. But it's addressed in a playful manner that doesn't make the user feel bad. It's important not to guilt-trip or offend users for dropping the ball or not achieving an important milestone.
Instead of providing a generic login link or link to the dashboard, the email links directly to the unfinished Zap. This makes it incredibly easy to continue as it removes all obstacles and subconscious excuses.
Still, they provide not one, but two support options. And does so without distracting from the main focus of the email by separating it with some space.
In fact, they encourage reaching out to support. How rare! It's a nice added touch that shows they actually care.
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