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Hey 👋 I'm Corey, the creator of Swipe Files.

5 years ago I was just breaking into marketing. And honestly, I had a really hard time.

I was feeling completely alone. Always feeling like I’m making it up as I go. Starting from scratch. Constantly feeling behind. Walking on eggshells with every experiment I ran… hoping I wouldn’t screw up and get myself fired.

I wondered if I was really cut out to be a marketer. I was fed up.

Why is this so hard?

The answer didn’t come to me after an enlightening acid trip or stroke of genius. No, it came by studying the greats. The marketing legends. The Seth Godin’s and David Ogilvy’s of the world.

But guess what? After that, everything was easier.

It took me a few years, but I:

✓ Studied the frameworks proven to get results
✓ Learned the psychological principles that influence people
✓ Built a network of friends, peers, and mentors to get help from
✓ Collected the templates, checklists, and guides to kickstart every project
✓ Curated a swipe file of the best landing pages, ads, emails, and workflows

And I think it’s ridiculous that you (and every marketer) have to spend years doing the exact same thing to unlock your true potential as a marketer.

So I’m building Swipe Files to help you unlock that creative potential. It's what I would have wanted 5 years ago. And I'm putting everything I have into it.

See, I have one goal for 2021: Make a full-time living on the internet as a creator.

Ever since I was 19, I’ve been working to become an entrepreneur.

First, acquiring valuable skills like marketing and copywriting. Then applying those skills and building expertise. After that, productizing myself and packaging up services to companies. And now, building a product based on my skills and expertise that can help others at scale.

As much as I love helping others achieve their business goals, I want to achieve my own goals for my own business.

I’m tired of trading time for money. 

When you become a Swipe Files member, not only are you getting top notch resources to help you master marketing, you’re also supporting me as a full-time creator to make my entrepreneurial dreams a reality. 

That means there’s food on the table and rent is paid. It means my wife and I can build a family. It means I can sleep at night knowing there’s a generous community of folks like yourself who value what I create. It means I can do this forever, and the more I create, the more value I can deliver to you.

Kevin Kelly famously proposed that anyone could make a living online with just 1,000 true fans. If you can provide something of value and earn the trust of just 1,000 people, what Seth Godin calls the “minimum viable audience”, you can make it.

I’ve always believed it to be true. I’ve seen it come true for others. And now I’d like to put it to the test myself. 

So this is me putting it all out there. I’m on a mission to earn 1,000 true fans.

If that strikes a chord with you, consider becoming a member. 🙏

Sharing everything I learn going from 0 to 1,000 members.

Here's what I'm currently experimenting with:

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