FLG's Pricing Page

FLG's pricing page uses price anchoring to reinforce its position as an all-in-one tool. It's a great pricing page that has all the right ingredients, and the work of Pedro Cortes.

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The first thing you'll notice is that it doesn't start with the classic "plans for everyone" in the header. Instead, it reiterates the main value proposition. Remember that the customer journey is not linear, so someone might land on the pricing page without ever having seen the homepage. Bringing the value prop and social proof to the pricing page helps you make sure you're still putting your best foot forward to convert visitors on the pricing page.
FLG then anchors their price against the slew of tools customers would have to put together. The comparison shows how expensive the combination of tools gets that would replace FLG. Now, instead of questioning how expensive it is, they've painted themselves in a much more affordable light.
Price comparisons are powerful tools and vastly underrated. FLG shows that they have all the major features required in an all-in-one tool to get the job done.
Showing the alternative tech stack anchors the price for FLG and makes it look much more affordable. This is the positioning power of an all-in-one tool. $75/mo vs $603/mo? Makes it look like a no-brainer.
FLG then introduces the full pricing structure with more advanced plans and clearly differentiating between them by only showing what's unique for each plan.
FLG reinforces the all-in-one position by featuring their integrations and connections required to work.
They also feature TrustPilot reviews and list them directly on the page with TrustPilot branding, making them look even more credible.
The page concludes with a final CTA to sign up. Most of the copy revolves around risk-reversal, talking about the trial, no contract, and no credit card. The CTA focuses on the value of the demo and what visitors can expect from signing up for the demo.
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