Tuple's Pricing Page

Tuple's Pricing Page frames their pricing to feel like an easy sell.

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Immediately stating "Pays for itself" anchors visitors to the concept and helps frame the way they view the rest of the page. This is a great example of how to actually lead with benefits instead of features.
The two pricing plans help visitors self-select which one best fits them. Their pricing is already very simple, but they make it abundantly clear by naming who each plan is for, showing the price in large font, and then using checkmarks to communicate what's included and how each plan differs.
They also include a FAQ section below that gets into some of the detail that isn't necessary to list with the pricing plans above.
I love this testimonial section as it really pops on the page. The call quality rating and Tweet Testimonials make it feel very authentic.
For some risk reversal, they promise to refund the last payment at the customer's request. CEO Ben Orenstein has shared before about how it's common for customers to pay to "trial" for a month and then get their boss to sign up the whole team. This way, the engineer can pay for a month past their trial so they can continue using the product without having to worry about getting their boss's approval first.
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