Statamic's About Page

Statamic's About Page features a friendly explanation to their origins and philosophy.

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Statamic features their mission front and center in the header of the page along with a brief timeline of major milestones for the company and product. At a glance, it's easy to get a full picture of where they came from, where they're at today, and where they're headed.
It begins with an origin story to set the stage for why it exists. Straightforward, concise, plain — no need for a long monologue.
They also tout how many developers they have using Statamic as a form of social proof. Notice that they use the term "developers" instead of users or customers. This helps them target the right customer and allow readers to self-identify if Statamic is a good fit for them.
A row of friendly, casual pictures of the team helps them feel more accessible. It's also refreshing to see pictures in general, rather than a wall of text.
I believe every about page should have some form of "philosophy" section that explains the underlying values and beliefs that drive their decisions. This helps communicate why they do things the way they do and can be referenced in conversation with potential customers.
Here's a section you don't see every day: The "Hit By The Bus" section. It's common for their target audience, developers, to want to know what the "plan" is in the case of a disaster, acquisition, or otherwise. This is actually a bit of risk reversal, as it instills confidence in the longevity of the product.
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