Ugmonk's About Page

Ugmonk's About Page showcases masterful storytelling. Founder Jeff Sheldon was struggling to update the About Page and decided to enlist the help of copywriter Cole Schafer to help tell the Ugmonk story. The result was phenomenal with many lessons to take away.

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Cole's first rule of writing an About Page is to never start it with "About Us." Here, he answers the question "What is Ugmonk?"
Cole recommends writing a headline that captures the reader’s attention. According to Cole, "Like the smell of baking sourdough, this arouses the curiosity of the reader, enticing them to read on."
Now, he connects the opening story with the founding story. This opening story makes the perfect comparison between the "big guy" and the "little guy" that Cole wants to draw out for Ugmonk. Your classic "David vs Goliath" but with a fisherman spin.
Cole's goal was to write like how Jeff talks. After talking to Jeff and listening to several podcasts Jeff was on, he got a better feel for his voice and energy. According to Cole, "Jeff is steady, calm and collected… not unlike the products that he makes."
Cole also recommends to say what makes you different; truly different. Here, the main differentiator is the truly long-lasting quality. But how do you do that in a way that isn't cliche?
The way it's framed communicates that Jeff cares about quality so much so that it actually hurts the business. This "flaw" makes Jeff and Ugmonk more relatable and removes any notion of "high quality" feeling cliche. Cole is very descriptive too, leaving nothing to the imagination about *how* the quality manifests in the product.
Now the loop is closed tying back the opening story, founding story, and a cause greater than the company. The craft and quality helps the planet.
The page concludes with a CTA to join the newsletter and get a behind-the-scenes look from the founder's perspective.
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