Transistor's About Page

Transistor's About Page serves as both a product pitch and a way to engage with the founders.

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The page actually starts with an elevator pitch, essentially, explaining why they exist and what they help people do. They also touch on how they personally help customers through live chat and guides — hoping to stand out amongst the podcast host behemoths where it's hard to get in contact with a human.
You might be confused why this section exists on this page at first, but when you think a bit critically, it makes perfect sense. Podcast tech can be a bit confusing, and not everyone will know exactly what Transistor does at first. This section explains where Transistor fits in the "tech stack" of podcasting — yet again reinforcing *why* Transistor is needed — which helps visitors understand who Transistor is and what they do.
Now they get into the origin story, starting with how the co-founders met, then the beginning of the product, and giving a timeline on major events.
This is where the magic of the page lives. Want to know more about the people behind Transistor? Get to know the founders by following their journey as they document it through — you guessed it — a podcast!
The page concludes with a standard CTA to get started. If I were them, I'd personalize it a bit more and maybe invite users to start a conversation or "see what we've built", but there's certainly nothing wrong with what they have now.
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